We stand prominently and proudly as a South Korean IT company
Yesterday’s IT industry has been shifted constantly by changing global environment
and endless competition of new technology developments.
New economic environment that has been inspired by digital information technology
was also a place where you can create new markets and we will jump into the crisis
as an opportunity to create new technologies.
In the wake crisis it is an essential that companies should reconsider their strategies
and adapt into new market conditions. When wave of changes brought by crisis creates
instant opportunities, companies as well as the national economies survival shared.

In 2001 we started online wholesale marketplace Naggama (naggama.co.kr) with slogan
"A friend who brings joy to everyone". Since the early days of starting the service we
revolutionized the field of wholesale distribution and our eMarketplace has become number 1 among
(top 300 national web sites) domestic B2B businesses, firmly positioning itself as a leader.
In the long term we were aiming to combine existing retail market and the international
trade market in off-online by introducing new concept of ‘Global Market Place’.

Users can easily use digital canvas to coordinate products and thus quickly search preferred
products from web marketplaces using our (USA and Republic of Korea) patented product
recommendation system of the future - ‘Canvases’ (canvasee.com).
Currently, we adopted our technology solution eBay (ebay.com) ecosystem.

We consider the results that we have achieved until now are very small compared to
the big plans we (G&G Commerce, Ltd.) trying to achieve in the future.
Even in unstable times of global crisis our company stands prominently as a proud
South Korean Information Technology company.
Please watch with uninterrupted interest and affection for great things to come.
Thank you !

Educational Background
2010 : Doctor of Engineering in Konkuk University School of Advanced Technology Dept
2007 : Graduated Dale Carnegie School CEO Course
2006 : Graduated Boston University BU GLOBAL CTO Course
2006 : Master's degree in Konkuk Univeristy Venture Expertise
2005 : Graduated AFB CEO of Seoul National University (Top Price)
2004 : Graduated Japan Waseda University Business School CEO Course
1992 : Graduated Department of Business Administration in Jeonbuk University
1985 : Graduated Sangsan high school
2004 - 2015 : G&G Institute of Technology Development Interlocking Chief
(No. 20041887 certification of Ministry of Science and Technology)
2002 - : G&G Commerce, Ltd. CEO
1998 - : Hana Systems President
1995 - : Goryeo GS President
1992 - : Samsung 32nd Opened Recruitment Employer
2014 : Presidential Commendation ( MOSPA ) for Meritorious Contribution in Technical Renovation for Medium and Small Business
2011 : Premier Minister’s Commendation (MOIS) for Meritorious Contribution in Technical Renovation.
2008. : Ministerial Citation, Ministry of Information and Communication (New Software Grand Award)
2005 : Ministerial Citation, Ministry of Science and Technology, for Meritorious Contribution in the Scientific and Technological Development of the Country.
2003 : Awarded as one of the Top 100 Outstanding Enterprises in Digital Innovation (Ministry of Industrial Resource )
2004 : Ministerial Award for being Entrepreneurial Model, Ministry of Medium and Small Business
2003 : Hit Venture Award ( Seoul Economic News )
2003 : Excellence E-Commerce Award in the EC Service Sector (Seoul Economic News )
2003 : Award of Enterprise of Excellence in the sector of E-trade ( Sports Seoul)
2019.04 : Perfect Analysis over Wholesale Selling (ANSERBUK)
2019.04 : Perfect Analysis over Professional Seller(ANSERBUK)
2015.10 : Domeggook, A complete guide book ‘Domeggook - A complete analysis’
2012.12 : Complete analysis an wholesale market
2012.04 : I sell in G-Market, Auction and eBay too with DomeGGook and GBC
2010.03 : I sell in G-Market, Auction and eBay too
2008.06 : Compete in the Internet shopping mall with Made in China
2007.04 : Seven large Internet business establishments making cash
2006.08 : Avoid trade agent and Internet trade
2005.05 : How to get rich on the Internet by two jobs


5F, Baeksang Bldg, 30, Gukjegeumyung-ro 6-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
CEO : Yeongil Mo Operating Responsibilities : SANGHYUN,PARK Personal information management : MYUNGHEE,KANG
Corporate registration number : 107-86-28206

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