‘A Global company providing a trust to the customers and moving toward the future’The transformed space from square is filled with a livered color which represents the passion and the creativity of G&G Commerce, and this speedy symbol mark represents our strong will towards the future. The symbol mark of G&G Commerce is combined 'G' and '1', and it symbolises 'No.1 G&G COMMERCE'.
Color System
C16 / M100 / Y100 / K 7
R 198 / G16 / B25
C70 / M63 / Y62 / K59
R 88 / G89 / B91
“DOME” represents wholesale marketplace in Korean and ‘GG’ in “GGOOK” has taken from “G&G Commerce”. Moreover, “GGOOK” is a Korean mimetic word which represents sound when you touch a surface with your fingers. This is essential motion to interact with any object around you. Also ‘G’ represents smooth communication flow while wholesale products trade is mediated.
Color System
C77 / M23 / Y92 / K 0
R 50 / G153 / B70
C80 / M75 / Y73 / K49
R 47/ G47 / B47
"Domeme" symbol mark is quite similar to "Domeggook"'s so it provides unity and harmony. The main color used symbol mark represents the intimacy and the activity of "Domeme" services.
Color System
C77 / M72 / Y89 / K 0
R 241 / G104 / B33
C80 / M75 / Y73 / K49
R 47/ G47 / B47
Naggama, the predecessor of Domeggook, is the first domestic community service for Network Direct Selling for retailers without service charge.
It uses the BI Symbol which is identical pattern of that of Domeggook, and the reason of using violet as the brand color lies with expectation of lively communication among retailers and increase in sales volume.
Color System
C24 / M98 / Y63 / K 0
R 186 / G49 / B75
C80 / M75 / Y73 / K49
R 47/ G47 / B47
Domeggook/DomemeEducenter is a lifelong education institute of Domeggook to help whoever seeks quality education on the aspects such as easy entering E-commerce market, internet wholesale, B2B Proxy Delivery Service for entering market.
It uses the BI Symbol which is identical to that of Domeggook, chooses Lemon Yellow, the mixed brand color of Domeggook and of Domeme to be the color of brand.
Color System
C47 / M48 / Y93 / K 1
R 159 / G134 / B50
C80 / M75 / Y73 / K49
R 47/ G47 / B47
K*GOODS is a platform that matches manufacturers and importers with sellers and offline stores that can sell well.
Intense brick red was used as the representative red color of Korea, with the meaning of expecting domestic good products to be expanded into domestic and overseas markets.
Color System
C27 / M98 / Y99 / K0
R 200 / G31 / B32
C93 / M88 / Y89 / K80
R 0/ G0 / B0
VODAPLAY is a reward app and marketing platform based on video and product. Users of VODAPLAY can enjoy any kind of YT videos without frustrating advertisement, and meanwhile they can also purchase the product shown right in the video.
To earn rewards from VODAPLAY, all you have to do is to find product in the video and match e-commerce link.
Companies who want to promote their product in VODAPLAY can make an effective viral advertisement by cooperating with users.
VODAPLAY is now providing service in Vietnam and more than 10,000 users are using app everyday.
We are now also preparing to launch app in Korea.(effective as of February 2023)
Color System (South Korea)
C0 / M0 / Y0 / K96
R9 / G9 / B9
C84 / M0 / Y2 / K23
R31 / G197 / B193
C38 / M0 / Y8 / K8
R145 / G234 / B215
Color System (Vietnam)
C0 / M0 / Y0 / K96
R9 / G9 / B9
C0 / M0 / Y0 / K3
R248 / G248 / B248
C0 / M93 / Y15 / K0
R255 / G17 / B217
Eggdom is an easy and convenient platform for overseas product sourcing & direct import support.
We provide a total import agency service for business operators, with various additional services. Just like carrying a small egg basket when shopping, we collects and imports various products from small-scale LCL overseas sourcing to professional FCL bulk imports.
Color System
C38 / M99 / Y100 / K4
R175 /G30 / B35
C80 / M74 / Y72 / K48
R46 / G48 / B48


5F, Baeksang Bldg, 30, Gukjegeumyung-ro 6-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
CEO : Yeongil Mo Operating Responsibilities : SANGHYUN,PARK Personal information management : MYUNGHEE,KANG
Corporate registration number : 107-86-28206

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